International Grant

In addition to supporting students in Colorado, the Asfaw Family Foundation International (AFFI) is dedicated to providing educational opportunities for students on the global level. The Foundation’s first international grant was awarded to the Entoto Raguel/Elias Primary School in Ethiopia. The mission of the Foundation in providing financial support was to ensure that Entoto Raguel/Elias Primary School achieve and surpass their goals and objectives established upon its founding.

Ultimately, AFFI supports Entoto Raguel/Elias Primary School in an effort to provide an outstanding liberal arts education that is focused on core values (based on the Ethiopian society), a commitment to academic excellence and academic disciplines that will prepare students to compete in the contemporary global society. Pursuant to this mission, a programmatic long-range plan included continuation of their goals to establish primary schools in as many needy areas of Ethiopia as possible, and/or up-grade standards of existing dilapidated primary schools, and to expand by addressing classes up to the eighth grade. AFFI placed an emphasis on math and science, and a plan to maintain a 60% female student population.

The plan included the following:

  • An academic plan that details specific learning outcomes
  • Qualifications and expectations of staff at all levels
  • The maintenance of academic records for each student that include specific details of an individualized academic program
  • A plan to ensure that students continue their education upon completion of requirements for graduation from Entoto Raguel/Elias Primary School
  • Both student and faculty feedback
  • A comprehensive assessment plan

It is our belief that the support provided by AFFI will result in a powerful learning community centered on core values and a shared commitment to academic excellence that will increase the number of underrepresented students (women and economically disadvantaged students) who attain college degrees.  We also believe that given the opportunity Entoto Raguel/Elias Primary School graduates will be responsible, engaged citizens who are prepared to be global leaders of the future.